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Core Server Components Overview
JBuddy Server is an enterprise instant (EIM) messaging solution that is powerful yet simple to install and support. JBuddy Server is composed of several core components and several optional gateways. JBuddy Server was designed from the ground up to increase productivity and improve communication within your organization, with your vendors, partners, and customers, while meeting your enterprise objectives.

Whether you need to reduce security threats, meet Sarbanes Oxley or HIPPA compliance requirements, or improve productivity, it's clear that you need an enterprise instant messaging solution that means business - you need JBuddy Server! Download Now

Business Objectives
Everyone has different goals and priorities when choosing an EIM solution, however many organizations share common objectives:

  • Integrate with corporate LDAP or Active Directory
  • Control public IM use - reduce security threats, improve productivity
  • Encrypt IM conversations - keep confidential, meet HIPPA requirements
  • Log and Archive IM communication - meet Sarbanes Oxley requirements
  • Communicate in real-time - improve productivity
  • Communicate with mobile users - improve productivity
  • Leverage IM & presence within business apps - improve productivity
  • Remove distractions - remove consumer IM clients from business use
JBuddy Server meets all of these requirements and more.

As a client/server architecture written in JavaTM, JBuddy Server runs on several operating systems and supports thousands of concurrent users with clustered, distributed deployment for fault-tolerance and scalability. Shown with several optional gateways (AIM, MSN, SMTP, and JBuddy Protocol Gateway), JBuddy Server supports encrypted, private EIM, central control and logging of IM communications with AIM and MSN public IM users as well as real-time messaging between IM users and mobile users.

Server Architecture
JBuddy Server 3.3 Architecture

Optional Gateways

  • JBuddy LDAP Gateway new in v3.2 adds ability for JBuddy Server to authenticate with LDAP and Active Directory services.   New in v3.2!
  • XMPP Translation Gateway (XTG) new in v3.1 adds ability for XMPP clients to connect to JBuddy Server. Buddy Lists, Presence and IM with other XMPP and JBuddy Messenger users is currently supported in the XTG.
  • Instant Help Gateway new in v3.0 enables live chat for sales and customer service from your website.
  • SMTP Gateway new in v3.0 adds ability to route IM to/from SMTP (think Blackberry clients).
IM Gateways new in v3.0
  • AIM Gateway
  • MSN Gateway (Windows Live)
  • Yahoo Gateway
  • ICQ Gateway
  • XMPP (Jabber) Gateway (also supports Gtalk)
  • Lotus Sametime Gateway
  • Microsoft LCS/OCS 2007 Gateway
Gateways can be licensed al carte and only for the number of concurrent users required per gateway. Pay for only what you need!


Central Management and Control
Unlike Peer-to-Peer (P2P) chat software, JBuddy Server offers central administration of all users, offering the organization the ultimate in messaging flexibility yet with fine-grained control. Control which users can use which screen names on which public IM networks. With messaging archiving enabled, users are less likely to abuse their IM access privileges and company auditors can keep track of what was said, when it was said, and to whom it was said, providing a clear history for any conversation. With the web-based administrative interface, managing and administrating your JBuddy Server is easy - from anywhere!

Web-based Tools for Message Archive Query
Web-based Tools for Message Archive Query

Solutions to Extend Your Existing IM Solution
Already using an enterprise IM solution such as Lotus Sametime, Microsoft LCS, OCS 2007, or any XMPP (Jabber) server? You can still take advantage of the robust routing and EAI capabilities of the JBuddy Server without replacing your existing IM investment. JBuddy Server can be easily configured to extend your existing IM solution to route messages & presence between IM users and mobile E-Mail and Blackberry users while still keeping a central message log of routed communications.

Turn your Web Site into an Instant Help Desk
With the JBuddy Server and the optional Instant Help gateway, your intranet or internet web site can be transformed into a presence enabled click-to-chat sales & support help desk using whatever IM network you already have.

Instant Help
Instant Help

Application Integration
Want to leverage presence (user availability) within your applications? Need to provide EIM and Mobile users with message oriented access to your enterprise applications? This isn't a problem with the JBuddy Server. Just leverage the Presence Service or any of the JBuddy IM Toolkits and programmatically add messaging and presence to any application.

Application Integration
Application Integration

More Information

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