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JBuddy Bot Framework

Version 2.0

JBuddy Bot Framework is a powerful Instant Messaging Bot API and interactive text messaging framework for developing, testing and deploying interactive bots and applications in record time.

Using basic web development skills, developers can quickly build an interactive menu-oriented Instant Messaging Bot, alert service, or text messaging application.

Figure 1 shows an AIM Bot chat session with a demo bot on Mac OS X Leopard, returning live, up-to-date information in real time! Figure 2 shows a Windows Live Messenger (MSN) chat session with demo bot.

Features at a Glance

  • Gateway API for connecting the Bot Framework with Custom Client Gateways (external message sources such as SMS, trading systems, logistics, news feeds, etc.)
  • New Bot Actions for URLs including http, https, file for web actions
  • XSLT and JTidy support for easier web services integration
  • Routing capability allows one message source to trigger actions on another message source
  • Leveraging the Instant Messaging capabilities of the JBuddy SDK
  • Instant Messaging support for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, XMPP (Jabber), Lotus Sametime, Microsoft OCS 2007, LCS 2005, and JBuddy Message Server
  • Parameter processing (prompt and valid user input)
  • Include/Exclude Filters match input to trigger specific events
  • Event Handlers (local and global)
  • Dynamic Content handling via Java or XML)
  • Send and receive Instant Messages
  • Send files as response
  • Rich text markup for Instant Messages
  • Trigger Java or System Actions
  • Command-line tool for testing bots offline and locally
  • Free 3 concurrent chat session license perfect for development and small pilot phases

More Information

  • Download JBuddy Developer Tools
  • Documentation
  • Licensing

    Click for JBuddy Developer Tools Pre-Sales Product Help

    AIM Bot Chat Session on Mac OS X
    Figure 1. AIM Bot Chat Session on Mac OS X Leopard

    Windowds Live Messenger Bot Chat Session on Windodws XP

    Figure 2. Windows Live Messenger Bot Chat Session on Windows XP