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Version 2.2

Instant Messaging (IM) Event Gateways for ColdFusion
Add Presence & Instant Messaging to your ColdFusion applications with Zion's JBuddy-CF IM Event Gateway plugin for ColdFusion.

In 2005, Adobe introduced a powerful Event Gateway architecture with the release of ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise Edition and included Lotus Sametime and XMPP Instant Messaging Event Gateways powered by the JBuddy SDK. Coinciding with this, Zion Software introduced the JBuddy-CF IM Event Gateway plugin extending the supported Instant Messaging services to public Instant Messaging. In 2007, Adobe made Instant Messaging (IM) Event Gateways available in ColdFusion 8 Standard and Enterprise Edition.

JBuddy-CF is built on the JBuddy SDK - powerful, proven Instant Messaging technology.

In addition to the built in Enterprise IM gateways (Lotus Sametime and XMPP), JBuddy-CF adds support for

  • AIM
  • ICQ
  • MSN (Windows Live Messenger) Updated in 2.2
  • Yahoo Messenger Updated in 2.2
  • OCS (Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007) Improved in 2.2
  • LCS (Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005) Improved in 2.2
  • JBuddy Message Server

More Information

  • Download JBuddy-CF
  • Documentation
  • Licensing
  • How JBuddy-CF effects built-in Enterprise IM gateways

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