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JBuddy Developer Tools Licensing

Applies To

  • JBuddy SDK (Java and COM/.NET)
  • JBuddy-CF (ColdFusion)
  • JBuddy Bot Framework
  • JBuddy Bot Builder
  • FREE License
    The downloadable version of the JBuddy Developer Tools (JBuddy SDK, JBuddy-CF, JBuddy Bot Framework, and JBuddy Bot Builder) includes a FREE, throttled license which limits the tools as follows:

  • 3 concurrent chat sessions (within 15 minutes)
  • 3 actively connected clients or gateways
  • If you exceed 3 concurrent chats within a 15 minute period, your application (in the case of an outgoing message attempt) or an application user (in the case of an incoming message) will see message to try again later and further chat attempts with that user will be blocked until one of the other active chat sessions goes idle (no messages between the user and the application) with a 15 minute idle period. This is a the only performance limits of the FREE version of the JBuddy Developer Tools, so it's perfect for personal or experimental use. Support for the FREE version is available from the Community Forums.

    Server-side Licenses
    If your JBuddy-enabled application reaches the limits of the FREE, throttled license, or you require commercial support terms, then it's time to upgrade your license. Please proceed to the online store:

  • Purchase JBuddy Bot Framework & JBuddy Bot Builder
  • Purchase JBuddy SDK (Java/COM/.NET)
  • Purchase JBuddy-CF
  • Client-side, hosting, ISV/OEM licenses
    If you are building a client-side JBuddy-enabled application, or a hosting solution based on JBuddy, or you wish to embed the JBuddy SDK within your commercially available product, then please submit a sales quote request and describe your particular deployment needs in as much detail as possible so we understand your license requirements or contact Zion Sales and speak to a sales representative.

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