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Server-based Licenses
If the JBuddy SDK will be deployed on a server, then a server-based license is required. For server-based JBuddy SDK licensing, we will require you to provide a fully qualified hostname in order to issue a server-based license key. This will be handled via an email exchange between you and Zion Software Product Support upon receipt of your online order.

If you are building a custom desktop IM client with JBuddy SDK, then an OEM or ISV license is likely. If you are interested in building a custom desktop IM application for use only within your organization, please request a quote.

No Refund Policy
All of our products are available as a FREE download with a free limited license and you are able to evaluate our products free of charge prior to a purchase. As such, it is our policy not to offer any refunds for purchases once a license key has been issued.

Live Sales Assistance
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Perpetual Software License - JBuddy SDK (Java, COM, .NET)   Details
  FREE (3 - limited) Download
  JBuddy SDK for licensed server
  JBuddy SDK licensed for desktop, OEM or Hosting Request a Quote

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Annual Software Maintenance   Details
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