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Company Overview

Based in the United States
Zion Software is a privately held software firm based in Glastonbury, Connecticut, US. We began as a software consulting firm in 1992. In 1998, work began on an instant messaging SDK. In January, 2000 we shipped our first instant messaging product, the JBuddy SDK.

Instant Messaging Experts
Since shipping the JBuddy SDK in 2000, instant messaging has been the primary focus of Zion Software for over a dozen years. Our real-time communications and instant messaging infrastructure software and solutions have been deployed to customers worldwide. When Adobe needed an IM Gateway for ColdFusion, they turned to the IM experts, Zion Software, and licensed our JBuddy SDK.

As a company, we know that advanced software and technical skills can only take us so far. We depend on partnerships and long term customer relationships. That's why Zion Software is built on solid principles with honesty and integrity. That's what we're all about.