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JBuddy XMPP Gateway

Version 1.1

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XMPP and Jabber servers have long supported external components and XMPP extention (XEP) 0114 was written to document the requirements for an external component to connect to an XMPP or Jabber server. Additionally, ever since XMPP servers have existed, users have wanted to connect to 'legacy' Instant Messaging communities. Thus, the term 'gateway' or 'transport' was coined, describing an external XMPP component that supported proxied connections to public Instant Messaging services such as AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo. XEP 0100 documents the interaction between an XMPP user and an XMPP Gateway (a specialized XMPP component).

Several open source projects have emerged to provide gateways ('transports') to the XMPP community. Unfortunately, the open source gateway developers often use less than robust open source instant messaging protocol libraries. The result - an unreliable, unstable, and unsupported XMPP Gateway.

JBuddy XMPP Gateway leverages the robust, reliable and supported JBuddy SDK as its foundation so the resulting product is stable and supported. Further, because the JBuddy SDK supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and other enterprise Instant Messaging networks, the JBuddy XMPP Gateway provides a single, unified XMPP Gateway supporting many protocols in a simple to deploy solution.


  • XEP 0114 compatible XMPP Server
  • XEP 0100 compatible XMPP Client
  • Operating System with Java 1.5+
  • Public Instant Messaging Services Supported

  • AIM
  • ICQ
  • Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger)
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger

    Enterprise Instant Messaging Services Supported

  • Lotus Sametime
  • Microsoft OCS

    Features at a Glance

  • Simple, cross platform installer
  • Multi-threaded engine for thruput performance and reliability
  • Developer API in Java for XMPP Gateway Events
  • Developer API in Java for XMPP Gateway Registration Persistence
  • Network Proxy support including Socks 4 & 5, and HTTPS
  • Simple start/stop scripts and native launcher for Windows x86 32bit, Linux x86 32 and 64bit, Linux PPC 64 bit, Mac OS X Universal 32bit, Solaris SPARC 32 and 64 bit, Solaris x86 32bit, HPUX PA-RISC 32bit, FreeBSD x86 32bit
  • Tested, Compatible XMPP Servers

  • Isode M-Link v.R14.5v0
  • OpenFire

    Tested, Compatible XMPP Clients

  • Psi

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