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JBuddy XMPP Gateway Licensing

FREE License
The downloadable version of the JBuddy XMPP Gateway includes a FREE, throttled license with the following limits:

  • 15 concurrently connected public IM accounts
  • 4 concurrent chat sessions per public IM account
  • 20 concurrent chat sessions across all connected public IM accounts
  • support from the Community Forums
    If the gatewayed client exceeds 4 concurrent chats within a 15 minute period, the client (in the case of an outgoing message attempt) or the buddy (in the case of an incoming message) will see a warning message to try again later and further chat attempts with that user will be blocked until one of the other active chat sessions goes idle (no messages between the client and another buddy) with a 15 minute idle period.

Licensed Gateway Server
If your use exceeds the limits of the FREE license or you require support terms, server-based licenses are available for purchase and include 90 days of STANDARD Support by default. Server licenses are tied to a fully-qualified host domain name and license a single instance of the JBuddy XMPP Gateway product to execute on a single server and enable human XMPP users to connect to AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo as well as Lotus Sametime and Microsoft OCS. Concurrent client licenses are based on the number of concurrently connected IM accounts and are available for purchase in the following tiers.

  • up to 50 concurrently connected IM accounts
  • up to 100 concurrently connected IM accounts
  • up to 200 concurrently connected IM accounts
  • up to 500 concurrently connected IM accounts
  • up to 1000 concurrently connected IM accounts
  • unlimited concurrently connected IM accounts
License Restrictions
The FREE license and a tiered server licenses for the JBuddy XMPP Gateway have the following additional restrictions:

  • limited to a single server
  • limited to a single instance executing at any point in time
  • limited to human use (does not permit IM Bots from connecting through the xmpp gateway)

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