JBuddy Server Release Notes

Release 3.3

Build 120405 April 5, 2012

  • Fix to restore MSN connectivity

Build 120227 February 27, 2012

  • Added support for restricting authenticated users to a specific organization unit (ou) and/or a specific LDAP/AD group.
  • Added support for setting user's nickName (displayName) to LDAP/AD user's firstName lastName and keeping it in sync upon login.
  • Added support for looking up Buddies in support of JBuddy Messenger's Add Buddy feature, using a firstName and/or lastName search.
  • Added SASL DIGEST-MD5 security authentication support to Active Directory and other LDAPv3 based directories.
  • Added military-grade password encryption to communication with JBuddy Server components.
  • Updated XMPP Translation Gateway (XTG) in support of LDAP/AD authentication.
  • Updated Lotus Sametime Connect library in support of Lotus Sametime 8.5.x.
  • Updated DEMO / FREE license with new license supporting three (3) concurrent clients, (JSC protocol), one of which may be an XMPP client thru XTG.

Database Notes:

  • A new column was added to the BUDDY table: CAPABILITIES VARCHAR(50) NULL
Release 3.2

Build 111216 December 16, 2011

  • Added JBuddy LDAP Gateway in support of LDAP and Active Directory authentication using simple LDAP bind
  • Added JBuddy Server DNS SRV Record support for use by JBuddy Messenger clients
  • Updated default config to require java server version for enhanced performance
  • Expanded and updated JBuddy Server User's Guide
Release 3.1

Build 100815 August 15, 2010

  • Updated MSN and AIM protocol support matching JBuddy SDK 6.3.100815

Build 100305 March 5, 2010

  • Updated IM protocol support matching JBuddy SDK 6.3
  • Adds support for Developer installs using localhost (
  • Bug Fixes

Build 090401 April 1, 2009

  • Added support for XMPP Clients to connect
  • Updated IM protocol support matching JBuddy 6.1
  • Includes free limited license
  • Bug Fixes
Release 3.0

Build 0724 July 24, 2006

  • Added optional public IM gateway support including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk (XMPP)
  • Added optional enterprise IM gateway support including Lotus Sametime, Microsoft LCS/OCS, and Jabber (XMPP)
  • Added optional EMail gateway support for Mobile Messaging including Blackberry
  • Added optional InstantHelp(desk) gateway support for web based instant and live help applications
  • Added ability to route public or enterprise IM to email or jbuddy protocol
  • Added ability to route web visitor help requests to online IM reps
  • Added ability to login from a WAP based phone and enable or disable IM routing
  • Added Buddy List Admin to Web Admin Console

Database Notes:

  • The schema is new for this release and has some similarities from 2.0 but is otherwise incompatible. The new schema is available to customers upon request.
Release 2.0

Build 1203 December 3, 2005

  • Fixed File Transfer bug for JSC

Build 0913 - September 13, 2005

  • Added Security/Encryption technology to ensure secure and private communications between clients and server
  • Added NickName support in the SDK and Server
  • Added concurrent user licensing support
  • Fixed international character support (UTF-8 / Unicode) in JSC protocol within the SDK and Server
  • Fixed Buddy Idle Time
  • Fixed Auto-Reply / Disclaimers
  • Fixed Automated Installer to install license for headless installs
  • Fixed Java Wrapper Service - would not start after Apple OS X Security Update 2005-007
  • Updated HSQLDB to hsqldb_v.

Technical Notes:

  • Several new features and fixes require the new JBuddy 5 SDK for the complete fix:
  • Security/Encryption - TLS/SSL: With the JBuddy SDK 5 release, the JSC client can be configured to connect to the JBuddy Message Server in three ways: only secure, attempt secure first, then drop back to unencrypted (default specified in JSC.properties), and unencrypted (the only option in pre-2.0 servers). In order to enable TLS/SSL, the Server must be running on Java 5 runtime environment and the jbuddy.use_ssl=true System property must be set in the wrapper-jbuddy.conf prior to the start of the Server. Clients using pre-JBuddy 5 SDKs must upgrade to JBuddy 5 SDK to connect to TLS/SSL enabled Server.
  • NickName: With the JBuddy SDK v5.0, JSC Clients can now call setNickName(nickName) and have it persist to the Server DB. In order to accomodate this change the Server DB schema was modified. See DB Notes below.
  • Concurrent User License: In 'Demo Mode', the Server supports only three (3) concurrent connections. To go beyond this DEMO/FREE limit, the JBuddy Server requires a new license file to be copied to the lib directory of JBuddy Server before starting the Server. This license file tells the Server what features and how many you have permission to use. This file is not editable and if it is, will result in an invalid license error and the Server will shut down.
  • Buddy Idle Time: The Server was corrected to store the DateTime when the client reported IDLE status instead of just the number of minutes idle (relative to what?). In order to accomodate this change the Server DB schema was modified. See DB Notes below.

Database Notes:

  • The following Database schema changes were made part of this release:
  • Altered MESSAGE_GATEWAY_USER table in DB. Added nick_name varchar not null column
  • Altered BUDDY table in DB. Dropped idle_time. Added idle_time_stamp
Release 1.1

Build 0215

  • Added support for archiving messages to the Database
  • Added support for searching archived messages from within Web Admin Console

Technical Notes:

  • Message Archival: A new DB table Messages was added to store messages as they pass through the server. To disable message archival logging, the jbuddy.disable_message_archive=true System property must be set within wrapper-jbuddy.conf.
  • Added MESSAGES table to the DB. See jmessageserver_schema_hsqldb.sql inside the HsqlDB directory for table details

Build 0210

  • Fixed client and server corruption in SDK and Server under heavy load

Technical Notes:

  • Corruption: DateFormatter was found to be thread-unsafe and exhibited corruption problems when used by multiple threads under a heavily loaded server. Use of DateFormatter was replaced with a synchronized subclass.

Build 0127

  • Added support for outgoing Disclaimers

Build 0125

  • Fixed File Transfer support for better NAT traversal

Technical Notes:

  • NAT Traversal: File Transfer for the JSC protocol uses port 1424. Either the sender or the recipient must have that port open on any firewalls between them for the file transfer to work. That said, the Server will report the external IP address of a client behind a NAT to the other client in order to attempt to setup the file transfer.

Build 0121

  • Added File Transfer support to SDK and Server

Build 0106

  • Initial web release as a product
Support If you have problems with JBuddy Message Server installation or functionality and the ConfigurationGuide.txt and the JBuddy Message Server FAQ do not solve your problem, please direct your questions to jmessageserver-support@zion.com or consult the contact information in your support contract.

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