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JBuddy Server Frequently Asked Questions

Many of these questions are answered in the JBuddy Server Users's Guide (PDF). Please review this guide if you don't find your answer below.

Can JBuddy Server log messages centrally?

Yes! Regardless of any logging the client may enable, JBuddy Server can log all communication to a message database, available for search and reporting for compliance or audit purposes.

Does JBuddy Server integrate with Active Directory?

Yes! As of version 3.2.111216 of JBuddy Server and version 3.2.111216 of JBuddy Messenger, authentication against a directory supporting LDAP simple bind requests is supported. This includes Active Directory.

Can I restrict access to JBuddy Server for only some of my Directory?

Yes! As of version 3.3.120227 of JBuddy Server supports both org unit and security group configuration options to restrict JBuddy Server users to a subset of your entire directory. For example, staff but not students.

What are the restrictions of the evaluation license for JBuddy Server?

The Evaluation version of JBuddy Server is user limited to 3 concurrent connected clients, one of which may be an XMPP client connected thru our XMPP Translation Gateway. Other gateways such as Instant Help are available for evaluation or purchase upon request.

What are the server requirements to run JBuddy Server?

JBuddy Server requires a modern version of Java version. It has been tested with Java 6 from Oracle. JBuddy Server ships with a small java based jdbc compliant database HsqlDB for storing user contact lists and presence (online, offline, etc). If you want to connect many thousands of concurrent users than we recommend deploying JBuddy Server in a clustered, distributed architecture. See the next Q/A regarding scaling a JBuddy Server installation. JBuddy Messenger is the universal IM client that connects to JBuddy Server. The JBuddy Messenger client requires Java 1.4+ on the desktop. To support SSL/TLS, the server requires Java 5+.

How many simultaneous users are supported by JBuddy Server?

Many factors contribute to a scalable server including network configuration, server configuration, database configuration and architecture. JBuddy Server was designed to easy scale to thousands of concurrent users in two ways: Use Java non-blocking IO so multiple user sessions can be handled with a thread pool and (2) using a clustered / distributed deployment architecture.

Can I communicate with buddies outside the JBuddy Server network such as those on AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo Messenger?

That depends on the network and IM policies at your organization. JBuddy Server uses the JBuddy Messenger IM client which supports AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger via client-side support but this support requires open ports for these services or a SOCKS proxy that supports access to these services. Many organizations choose to restrict or disallow access to the public IM services.

Does JBuddy Server interoperate with AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo users?

JBuddy Server currently offers public IM support via client-side interoperable support. Contact Zion for options pricing.