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JBuddy Developer Tools

In January 2001, we introduced the JBuddy SDK, a powerful IM client library for Java developers. In the years following, each new release brought access to new IM networks, new features and new development platforms including Microsoft COM, .NET and Adobe's ColdFusion. In May 2007, the JBuddy Bot Framework was introduced as a powerful menu-oriented bot framework built on top of the JBuddy SDK. In April 2008, the JBuddy Bot Builder was introduced as an integrated development environment (IDE) leveraging the JBuddy Bot Framework and providing a robust develop-test-deploy experience.
JBuddy vs. Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

If you are thinking of integrating Instant Messaging capabilities into your software application or software service stack, think very carefully before choosing free open source software (foss).

Is your core competency in low-level instant messaging protocols? How much spare time do your developers have? Do you have the resources to maintain the software? Will the difference licenses for the instant messaging open source projects you are thinking of cobbling together change leaving you without community support?

Why License JBuddy for Instant Messaging?

  • Proven track record, proven technology
  • IP-friendly commercial software license terms
  • Supported & Maintained for over 12 years!
  • Fair price

JBuddy SDK - IM APIs for Java, COM, .NET developers
JBuddy-CF - IM Event Gateways for ColdFusion developers
JBuddy Bot Framework - XML & Java APIs and tools for developing and deploying interactive IM and Text Messaging bots and applications
JBuddy Bot Builder - Powerful graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing, testing and deploying apps.

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