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JBuddy Server Licensing

Finally, product licensing that suits your needs.
We realize that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to collaboration software so we made licensing al carte. Simple choose the options that best meets your needs today. Add options as your needs expand tomorrow.

Free Demo License
Try before you buy - that's the best way to evaluate a software purchase.

The downloadable version of the JBuddy Server includes a FREE, throttled license which limits the server to three (3) concurrently connected users (clients). This FREE license limits client connections to the JBuddy protocol (JSC in the JBuddy SDK) or a single XMPP client connected thru the XMPP Client Gateway.The optional gateways are installable but will not work in the FREE version. This is a great choice for limited demo or custom JBuddy SDK development purposes.

On-premise Server License
Perpetual, on-premise JBuddy Server licenses are available for purchase from the online store* or using a credit card over the phone. Server licenses are tied to a fully-qualified host domain name and license a single instance of the JBuddy Server product to execute on a single server.

Concurrent client licenses are based on the number of concurrently connected JBuddy Messenger and/or JBuddy Developer Tools based application (JBuddy SDK JSC Protocol) IM accounts and are available for purchase in the following tiers.

  • 10 concurrent client license
  • 25 concurrent client license
  • 50 concurrent client license
  • 100 concurrent client license
  • 200 concurrent client license
  • 500 concurrent client license
  • 1000 concurrent client license
  • unlimited concurrent client license (single server)

Annual Software Maintenance & Support
We recommend adding Annual Software Maintenance & Support to your purchase according to your support needs, at time of purchase. If you require PRIORITY or BUSINESS CRITICAL Support Terms, please contact Zion Sales or click the Instant Help live chat below.

Optional Gateways 
JBuddy Server is comprised of a routing engine with several server-side gateways that can be licensed al carte and based on the number of concurrent users for each gateway.

  • AIM Gateway
  • MSN Gateway
  • Yahoo Gateway
  • ICQ Gateway
  • Jabber/XMPP Gateway
  • Lotus Sametime Gateway
  • Microsoft LCS Gateway
  • JBuddy Protocol Gateway
  • JBuddy LDAP Gateway (for LDAP and Active Directory authentication)
  • SMTP Gateway (for mobile email clients like Blackberry)
  • Instant Help Gateway (live chat solution for websites)
  • XMPP Translation Gateway
    (for connecting XMPP Clients to JBuddy Server)

* The published store pricing does not apply to Hosting or ISP companies. Please contact Zion Software sales. Request a Quote »

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