JBuddy LDAP Gateway Release Notes

Release 1.1

Build 120227 February 27, 2012

  • Added support for restricting authenticated users to a specific organization unit (ou) and/or a specific LDAP/AD security group.
  • Added support for setting user's nickName (displayName) to LDAP/AD user's firstName lastName and keeping it in sync upon login.
  • Added support for looking up Buddies in support of JBuddy Messenger's Add Buddy feature, using a firstName and/or lastName search.
  • Added SASL DIGEST-MD5 password encryption to communication with Active Directory and other LDAPv3 based directories.
  • Added military-grade password encryption to communication with JBuddy Server components.
Release 1.0

Build 111216 December 16, 2011

  • Initial Release of JBuddy LDAP Gateway
Support If you have problems with JBuddy LDAP Gateway installation or functionality and the supplied documentation or online documentation JBuddy LDAP Gateway do not solve your problem, please direct your questions to jmessageserver-support@zion.com or consult the contact information in your support contract.

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